My passion for Nature

“It´s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”. Edmund Hillary (the first person to reach both poles and summit Everest).


I always loved Nature. Always. As a child, I memorized every animal on every page of every nature book I had. Also I could memorize every single river name, mountain height perfectly. Nature simply fascinated me. From the beginning, nature has been my inspiration and refuge. Today it still does. Still when I was in school or university I don’t think I ever dreamed of one day starting going to mountain over mountain discovering for myself animals and remote landscapes I had seen just in pictures and on TV. They simply were not a part of my world in Rome where I grew up. But since I came to live in Munich five years ago, my captivation with the natural world led me to spend many days on the road, traveling along fringes of wilderness looking for beauty in the last wild corners of the Alps, and much beyond I want to go in the next future.

I’m an intensely passionate person. Passion is the fuel that costantly drives me towards new targets in my life and that makes me who I am. Sometimes it brings me to seven heaven, sometimes it makes me suffer a lot, but I would neither I could live without it. And I express it every single day of my life as an open book. At the top of my wish list is spending time in nature, adventuring and exploring the outdoors, looking for relationships with others and maintaining an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which means allowing times for things like photography, writing, exercise, loving and helping people and other things that bring me joy. Nature and Photography are more than just what I do when I travel, it’s part of who I am. For me, photography is often an intensely personal experience. It´s one of the ways I connect with the world around me and helps me share my experiences with others and has been the driving force behind many of my travels and adventures. For me the joy of photography is strictly associated with the joy of plunging myself in nature and the challenges of photography are inseparable from the challenges of travelling through the mountains on my own two feet. One goal of my photography is to record and transmit some of those heavenly moments in nature. Also I want to show the purity, grandeur and unique character of mountains and inspire people to experience and respect the remaining wilderness.

Listen to the silence of Nature and hear your inner voice.

With Love,




  1. Poocola · November 10, 2015

    Congratulations! It is a great way to share your passions and experiences with other people.We are waiting to read more from you.

    Liked by 2 people

    • marcomecarozzi · November 10, 2015

      Thanks a lot Poocola! As usual the most difficult part is to start but finally I can share my passion for life and nature with other people.


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